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About B.Cons LTD

The Building Consultant and Technological Service Co-operative Society Ltd.T.1054 (B.CONS Ltd) is founded by a groupof young engineers in the 1990s. The Society has now become a professionally-run and diversified establishment having expertise in all spheres of civil engineering.

It is the only functioning registered technical co-operative society of graduate engineers in Kerala. The Building Consultant and Technological Service Co-operative Society Limited T.1054 ( B.CONS Ltd, in short), the Attingalis registered under the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act in 1969.

BConstruction, Engineering consultancy, Soil testing, interior designing, materials supply, labour supply, machinery supply, documentation etc have been successfully carried out for the last three decades.

In addition, B.CONS is an approved agency of tourism development, empanelled with the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala.

Come. Explore our journey. There must be some way that we touch your lives.

Our History

During 1990 a group of engineers passed out of the prestigious College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, got struck by the idea of a technical society. Soon they joined hands with other unemployed graduate engineers and diploma holders and made the leap

The first-ever technical society in Kerala was thus born in 1990, with its headquarters at Attingal.

The Society

The technical society was registered with the name The Building Consultant and Technological Service co-operative Society Limited T.1054 (B.CONS Ltd) under the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act in 1969. It was first registered in miscellaneous Category and later upgraded to Class I category.

The prime objectives of the society were three-fold:

Creating job opportunities and improving graduate engineers/diploma holders • Improving the economic and social status of persons with technical qualifications and their families • Delivering professionalism and good quality products in the construction industry

During the last three decades, the society has offered its services to co-operative institutions, the central and state governments and private sector. Not just undertaking construction works –– the society extends its services in the entire spectrum of civil engineering, including consultancy, marketing and management.

The area of operation of the society is confined to Thiruvananthapuram district. The society currently has 108 members. It is governed by the Board of Directors comprising 10 persons. The Board of Directors are elected every five years.

Some significant milestones in the growth of B.CONS are:
Year - Rs 25 crore

B.CONS received the right to take up the work up to an estimate of Rs 25 crore at any given time

Year - Building Material Shop

B.CONS started a Building Material Shop at Avanavancherry, near Attingal, which is still running successfully

2014 - Govt Project

The Government of Kerala accorded sanction for accepting the B.CONS as an agency to inspect and issue valuation Certificates to the construction of co-operatives banks, societies and all other similar institutions as per G.O (Rt) No:467/2014/co-op dated14-8-2014