As we know, the construction industry consist of major factors like buildings, infrastructure and industrial. Residential and non residential are the two major type of building construction

Building construction include the construction of new buildings, the construction of addition to the existing building and the necessary alteration of the existing building.

The erection of structure, external finish, fixture, fittings of service installation, plant, machinery, materials etc are the inevitable factors of construction process.

Keeping the above in mind, a group of young and dynamic engineers, got stuck by the idea of engineering society. The joined hands with other unemployed graduate engineers and diploma holders and formed the B.CONS during 1990.

In the construction field, during the last 3 decades, B.CONS has offered its services to the Co-operative institutions, the Central and State Governments and Private Sectors.


A Part form Construction, B.CONS extends its service to the Building Consultancy also.

A building consultant is definitely a professional who helps in specific tasks to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of a building. This could start at the pre planning stage, before a building is even constructed.

Consultancy can be done for various areas of Construction like structural design, analysis, project management, contract financing etc.

B.CONS revealed its efficiency as a building consultant by undertaking so many central and state government works. Also in the co-operative and private sector.

Building Material is materials used for construction. A part form naturally occurring materials, many man made products are in use

Considering the significance of Building materials and its use in the construction field, B.CONS started a Material shop during 2015. Good quality building materials like Paints, Plumbing and Sanitary, Electrical are delivered at subsidized rates to the customers.


Valuation of building is the method of calculating the present market cost of the building. It depends on the kind of building in structure, durability, location, size, shape, the width of roads and quality of building material used and the cost of materials etc.

The government of Kerala accorded for accepting the B.CONS as an agency to inspect and issue valuation certificates to the construction of any buildings completed under co-operative sector

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